James Wan



 Jason Momoa (Arthur, Aquaman)

Amber Heard - Mera

Willem Dafoe -Vulko

Nicole Kidman (Atlanna)


What's About

Aquaman must retrieve the legendary Trident of Atlan to save the underwater city of Atlantis and the surface world from his power-hungry brother.



DC Comics



This movie is one of the top ten WORST movies of 2018. I don't know where to start but everything about this film. From the script, acting, directing, cinematography everything was utterly rubbish. I am a huge fan of superhero movies but this fails terribly to deliver any fun, excitement or joy. The underwater CGI looks like Avatar updated to 2018 style. The script must have been written by a five-year-old, the acting is mediocre. I can not believe how can a director make such a stellar cast of Kidman, Defoe Lundgren and Momoa act like novices. Wan should give up big budget superhero movies and stick with his low budget horror films which he is undoubtedly a king. The love interested between Momoa and Heard is like watching two 3-year-olds falling in love. The most disappointing thing is that Momoa is such a good actor in GOT as Khal Drago but in this, he is a confused mix bag of zoo animal poo. Let's not start on Amber Heard, because she hasn't got any acting skill what so ever.  For the two and half hours I felt like staring at a giant aquarium full of CGI fish and actors tied to ropes pretending to swim and fight among themselves. In conclusion, don't go to watch this rubbish. Save your money till it comes on TV or even then maybe not.

Script  2/5

Acting  1/5

Directing  0/5

Music  4/5

Excitement 3/5

Value for money 3/5



There is a superstition that every film with Nicole Kidman is a failure. Unfortunately, this time it was correct again, but Nicole Kidman wasn't the main reason for it. Movie right from the beginning was cringy, every flip of the Momoa's hair and every  'joke' was just embarrassing to watch. Amber Heard was completely flat, her facial expressions were confused 90% of the time. I feel that I should blame the director, just because he didn't pull it off with quite good actors and budget. His horror movies were okay, and in my opinion humour in all horrors is just a bit cringy. That's why this movie didn't work out. I had a feeling that James Wan also wanted to achieve the effect of 'Thor', long hair, big muscles, and stupid jokes, however, I think that Chris Hemsworth just was given more manoeuvre to make the role 'his own', while Jason Momoa just got directions and executed them without mixing it with his personality. 

I guess that they had a big budget because the CGI effects were pretty good, all water creatures and swimming races were made in really good quality, but you can't build the whole movie just on racing sharks.

Script  2/5

Acting  2/5

Directing  1/5

Music  3/5

Excitement 3/5

Value for money 2/5

Who to go with? Go only if you want to waste your money, the movie won't get better even if you would go with Jason Momoa.

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