Bad times at the El Royale


Chris Hemsworth - Thor:Ragnorok (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Dakota Johnson - Fifty shades of Grey (2015)

Jeff Bridges - Kingsman: Golden Circle (2017)



Drew Goddard - The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

What's about

El royale is a run down hotel which sits in between the border of Nevada and California. Seven strangers meet on a fateful night, all with different motives and hell is let loose. Question is who will be left standing at the end?

His Thoughts

I was excited to see this movie as Goddard had a bunch of such talented actors at his disposal. I must say I was deeply disappointed. This movie is so bad that the trailer was better than the actual film. Goddard spent far too long developing each character, the story was boring, the script was lazy that I was actually wishing for this torture to end quickly. The only good thing about this movie was (except the trailer) film stage and the cinematography. I was bitterly disappointed to see such stellar cast reduced mediocre characters. In conclusion save your time and money and wait for it to come on Sky/cable TV. 

Her Thoughts

Script  1/5

Acting  2/5

Directing  1/5

Fun  0/5

Excitement 0/5

Value for money 0/5

I had my hopes set high for this movie. The trailer was very engaging and with this type of A-class actors, you just couldn't go wrong. Or could you?

First scenes of the movie were very promising, scenography was amazingly polished. Hotel reception, rooms, even parking and cars were giving us a feeling that we moved in time. I can't reprimand acting skills either. Jeff Bridges was, in my opinion, the best actor in there, and with his holy disguise he did a great job. The second actor which definitely should be noticed is Lewis Pullman as a hotel receptionist. One of the last scenes has shown his real talent.

Unfortunately other than that - the movie was boring, the characters were shallow. I think that quality is always better than quantity. Here we have 7 characters which are barely developed, I would prefer to see 1 proper story and rest of it should be background noise. Because of dispersal, it's hard to know who's the main guy, and who's nobody. The main story could be said in10 min video, maybe next time it's good to think beforehand if all of it was worth a hassle. 

Who to go with? Don't go at all, save your time and money and just wait till it will be on Netflix.

Script  0/5

Acting  4/5

Directing  2/5

Fun  2/5

Excitement 2/5

Value for money 2/5

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