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Lucy Boynton - Murder on the Orient Express (2017), Sing Street (2006)

Gwilym Lee - Isle of Dogs (2011), The Tourist (2010)

Ben Hardy - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)



Bryan Singer - X-men: Apocalypse (2016), Superman returns (2006)


What's about

It's a biopic of Freddie Mercury's rise to the Queen frontman and the lead up to the 1985 queen's Live Aid Wembley gig  




20th Century Fox



Malek does a really good job of playing Freddie. It's enjoyable sing-along kind of movie. The supporting cast didn't do much then again it's really all about Freddie. I do feel that they had to shorten the film as there were too many things to cover. Also I felt that they wanted to protect the image of queen so they did tone down a lot of events to make it rated pg13. Not sure if it's a good or bad idea. Having said that the script was well written, directing was spot on and the lead characters has done a exceptional job. The cinematography was the best thing especially the live aid segment. In conclusion I would strongly recommend for all to go and see this movie. It has got great sing-along moments and shows us the background stories of how some of the biggest queen songs were made.

Script  3/5

Acting  4/5

Directing  3/5

Fun  4/5

Excitement 4/5

Value for money 3/5



Since I saw the first trailer of this movie I knew there is a looot of pressure on the producers and actors who are gonna make Bohemian Rhapsody. I knew if they will mess it up, then their careers will be finished, pretty much. After watching the full movie I can assure you that they knew about it as well. I must admit producers, actors and director did a quite good job. Music was obviously flawless, as well as the scenery and costumes which were the exact reflection of the Queen times and fashion. Apparently, Rami Malek said that he didn't want to mimic Freddie Mercury, so he made a mix of both personalities and his role came to live. I don't think it was extremely successful, it was ok, that's all. In my opinion, some of the actings were exaggerated, but that's because I was not even born in the time when the Queen was a big thing. I am sure they did the best they can. I am pretty content with lack of nudity or scenes showing homosexual orgies, everybody knows what happened there, and thanks to that movie could be seen by a younger audience. After all, everybody should have an opportunity to watch this movie.

Script  4/5

Acting  4/5

Directing  5/5

Fun  5/5

Excitement 4/5

Value for money 4/5

Who to go with? Anyone. We think it's a very universal movie, for fans of all music genres.

Share your opinion, did you like this movie or it was a completly waste of time? Leave a comment below!


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