First Man



Ryan Gosling - The notebook (2004), La la land (2016)

Claire Foy - The crown (since 2016), Unsane (2018)



Damien Chazelle - Whiplash (2014), La la land (2016)



What's about

This movie is about the life of astronaut Neil Armstrong and build up to the Apollo II mission of July 20 1969, where NASA tries to put a man on the moon.


The film is a slow burner. My initial thought was the film is about the Apollo II mission, however, I feel it's more about the human cost and the huge challenge, which were faced by NASA in 1969. Chazelle develops the character of Armstrong exceptionally well, although, I am not sure how accurate the representations are. Gosling plays an insular, grief-stricken astronaut who is obsessed with reaching the moon. There was a brief nod to the political and social turmoil which were taking place at the time. The cinematography was spot on especially the rawness of the space capsule it gives the feeling of being in a tin can and going up to space. Chazelle had the opportunity of really driving the message of how vast the universe is and our relations to it but he didn't, rather he focused on the humaneness of Neil Armstrong, and his internal demons. Final thought is, go and watch it if you're a Ryan Gosling fan, otherwise, it's nothing much else. 

Script  4/5

Acting  4/5

Directing  4/5

Fun  3/5

Excitement 3/5

Value for money 3/5


The First Man is a movie about man's struggle to choose between his family and his ego. In my opinion, that was the best side of the story - how to decide if they want to be somebody important for the history or for a wife and children. And you can never be both.  I believe it was not simple especially Neil Armstrong just lost his child, but at the same, this gave him some courage to achieve more and more. For me the whole sacrifice of a life and millions of dollars just for landing on the moon was pointless. It didn't change normal people's lives, it was just about the ego of America.

I was not really interested in the technicality of the spacecraft and space adventures.  Therefore, it was the most boring part for me, having said that though, I still enjoyed a few scenes from the space. There was a moment when the spaceship was in the completely silent, black space and this view was very calming. Other than that, the movie was nothing special. Gosling had just one bored facial reaction for the whole movie. Claire Foy was a bit annoying with her constant mood changes. I do not recommend this movie for people who like action and the fast-paced movie as you will not get that in here

Script  2/5

Acting  3/5

Directing  3/5

Fun  1/5

Excitement 1/5

Value for money 2/5

Who to go with? Go with your mum or your dad, somebody who remembers the time when the actual landing on the moon the "thing". 

Share your opinion, did you like this movie or it was a completly waste of time? Leave a comment below!


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