John Lewis and Partners

Location: 70 S John St, Liverpool L1 8BJ

 John Lewis in Liverpool One 

 Tea, Hot Chocolate & Cake 




This is actually the customer canteen who comes to shop here. This is situated on the third floor overlooking Liverpool one. Tip for you: As you enter to try to sit on the far left-hand side as that's what has got the best view. Failing that sit in the middle but still left-hand side, this overlooks the Liverpool ONE Chavasse park and one park West. The decor was ok, the tables and chairs were clean and tidy. They have sofas too. It have a dated department store looks. This place is very busy. A lot of people goes here mostly elderly shoppers. They have kids high chairs as well as baby changing facilities and restrooms. 



 View on the Chavasse Park in Liverpool One 

 The Place to Eat in John Lewis 

His Thoughts

They do much more than just afternoon tea. In fact, they do hot food also which is freshly prepared in their kitchen. We only opted for the afternoon tea and we went for hot chocolate with cream, English cream tea in a pot and a slice of Black Forest cake. Food quality wise as you would expect it to be from a department store. It doesn't stand up to the quality of coffee house, restaurants or hotels. The service was quick even though it was fairly busy.

Location 4/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Food 2/5

Service 3/5

Value for money 1/5

Her Thoughts

That was my first time in John Lewis -The Place to Eat. I was expecting at least edible food because of general sophisticated branding of John Lewis. Unfortunately, I was hugely disappointed. The whole place was in the style of the modern canteen in the 1990s. The chair and tables were very simple, most of the tables were occupies, the rest was dirty. I think that their customers really need to start cleaning after themselves, this is not some restaurant where you have a waiter to clean after you. Other than that hot chocolate was pretty good, the cake was disgusting. It tasted worse than Tesco value Victoria Sponge. I recommend it if you have no other place to go, John Lewis a good place to stop just for shopping but not for food.


Location 4/5

Atmosphere 1/5

Food 2/5

Service 4/5

Value for money 3/5

Value for money

Very poor value for money. They are charging almost the same price as a standard coffee chain, however, I felt that the food quality are much better in a coffee shop than here. I only went as I had offers to spent it on there. In conclusion, I feel it's a place for elderly or young family with kids to go for some bite to eat as most likely they are already there for there shopping. I don't think it's a place for younger crowds to go only for there food. Also, it's quite expensive to go here for just food especially when there are other better places to go in the city centre. Overall basic quality food, dated decor which doesn't justify the price, with an ok view out the window

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