Kasbah Cafe Bazaar

Location: 72 Bold Street, Liverpool L1 4HR, England


It's centrally located in the heart of Liverpool's trendy Bold Street which is packed full of restaurants and links up to the rest of the city centre of Liverpool. The restaurant is pleasantly decorated with a Morrocan theme as you would guess. The two large tables which can seat up to 6 diners in one go are situated by the big windows which are perfect for people watching. The other 6 seater is right opposite the main door, Tip for you- try to avoid the seat by the door because you will get cold draft. Also if you want to seat by the window on the six seaters then say you are a party of four and that you are  expecting more ppl to turn up, then you are almost guaranteed to get the table by the window,otherwise the table for two could be a bit small  depending on how much food you would order. The seats are wide enough with ample space and come with back cushions. We found the restaurant to be clean, tidy and well presented. Tip for you- must book in advance if you are planning to visit during the busy period which is evenings and weekends otherwise you may be waiting long for a table. We are told they have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options also. They have toilet and baby changing facilities. They really go the extra mile trying to accommodate your special or dietary needs if you can give them heads up before you go.

His Thoughts

We went during the lunch hours and it wasn't very busy therefore the service was quick, we got to choose wherever we wanted to seat. 

For my starter, I went with Kofta which was grilled mince lamb with cumin & harissa yoghurt. It was delicious and freshly cooked. You get two good size skewers kofta. It was warm with the right balance of spices with no overpowering flavour. All meat is halal here and they do not sell any alcohol due to not having an alcohol licence. They do not sell pork also. As we are a follower of a healthy lifestyle so we do not drink therefore it's not an issue for us however you may wish to contact them beforehand if you can bring your own alcohol to drink with your meal.

For my mains, I went with the Morrocan lamb chops which were 4-5 lamb chops with saffron rice and house salad. You can have it with chips also if you are not a lover of rice. You also get three dips with it. I personally liked the garlic saffron dips. The lamb chops were succulent, well marinated and well grilled. The house salad was properly dressed with a hint of lemon. The flavours of the lamb and the salad went well and complimented each other with the saffron rice. Portions were generous and good value for money considering it was a lunchtime offer.

Location 5/5

Atmosphere 5/5

Food 5/5

Service 5/5

Value for money 5/5

Her Thoughts

I think this place is perfect for lazy Sunday's lunch or evenings with friends. During our visit, it was pretty quiet, but I still enjoyed the lunch. The whole place is kind of magical because of Moroccan lamps hanged on the ceiling and big cushions on the seatings. I liked the place, where we sat,  next to the window where you can observe busy Bold Street, however, you can also choose more intimate space in the back of the Kasbah. 

For my starter, I ordered Brioutas Lala Zhour, which is filo pastry filled with cheese. It looked like spring rolls and was served with sweet chilli chutney. The cheese was sour and the sweet chilli dip added a very interesting tanginess to the whole meal. It was quite filling for me, so I struggled with finishing the main. 

My main was pretty basic grilled chicken fillets with fries and salad. Chicken was juicy and well seasoned. Fries was not really in my taste as I prefer think soft ones while in Kasbah they serve them thin and crispy. Service in the local was very polite and the waitress checked on us several times. Overall, I would recommend this place!

Location 4/5

Atmosphere 5/5

Food 4/5

Service 5/5

Value for money 5/5

Value for Money

We didn't order drinks as we always go for a jug of water, this is a free and healthier option. Drinks in this place are around £3 so if it's two of you then £6. You can compare this against our lunch offer where it was two for £10.95. So you can already see how it all adds up. We are all for a good night but one where we don't pay over the odds. However, it's a personal choice.

We normally do not order starters and jump right into the mains unless there are offers involved. We feel this is better value for money, but it's a personal choice I guess as generally you do not get much bang for your starter but the price you pay is 50% of mains. Therefore we tend to avoid starters, on this occasion as it was an offer we went with starters.

During lunch hours there's offer for 2 courses for £10.95 or 3 course £13.95. As you can see it's better value for money to go during lunch hours as it will save you a fair bit of cash.

We never stay for dessert in the same place we only eat mains purely because we have found that having dessert somewhere else breaks the time for us and allows us a change of scenery and also we are not tied for dessert choices based on the restaurant menu. So, in conclusion, I would say it's a good place to go as it offers good food with service and ambience. I would only go when there are offers involved as our total bill for two came to £22, which isn't that bad if you are planning a good value for money day out for food.

Did you visit Kasbah yet? If not give it a try and if you like a Moroccan food you won't be disappointed!


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