Mary Poppins Returns





Rob Marshall



Emily Blunt - Marry Poppins

Lin-Manuel Miranda - Jack

Ben Whishaw - Michael Banks

Meryl Streep - Cousin Topsy

Colin Firth - Wilkins, Wolf


What's About

 Decades after her original visit, the magical nanny returns to help the Banks siblings and Michael's children through a difficult time in their lives.






I haven't watched the original so I didn't know what to expect. As one may would expect this is a musical film but with boring songs. Not a single song was catchy. The film was rather long and the story and character development is rather poor. Having said that Blunt does a fantastic job of playing Mary Poppins and Miranda does an even better job of playing Jack. There were cameo appearances from big stars like Streep, Firth and Walters. The cinematography was spot on as was CGI. There were some key messages for the kids as well as adults which was nicely  done. What's let this film down was poor song choices, long running time, too many songs, poor story and character development. I don't think Disney should have made a sequel to it as it's not needed. I am told the original was a classic. This sequel isn't going to be a classic and I don't think this will get new fans getting hooked on to it. In conclusion it's a standard film wich provides mild entertaining

Script  3/5

Acting 3/5

Directing  4/5

Music  2/5

Excitement 2/5

Value for money 3/5



While watching the first part of Mary Poppins ( I watched it in 2015) I was very disappointed with the quality of the movie, I got used to HD, 4k kind of films that anything lower than that just wasn't enough nowadays. But it was filmed in 1964! And music and lyrics were so catchy, that I remember them even now. And the problem with 2018 version of Mary Poppins is the exact opposite. Great quality (as you would expect in 2018), Emily Blunt was also less exalted than Julie Andrews, but songs were just bland. After all, this is a musical and songs are the main reason for watching it!


In general, I'm not really keen on Mary Poppins-like-women, they are just annoying, but I think that children sometimes need somebody who, gonna give them some kind of 'safety net'. I think that's why this book and later on film was such a great success when this book was written most of the parents didn't know anything or almost anything about psychology and how childhood influences the whole life. I believe that the times of the war and long after that, people were less affectionate towards children, they thought all kids need is food, sleep and one toy. Unfortunately, children need much more than that, they need hugs, kisses, telling them that they are loved and above all - attention. And that's where Mary Poppins plays her role, she was everything those children didn't have, and always dreamt of. She was giving them something to look forward to, didn't push them away, took them to magical places which they lacked. I don't think that Mary Poppins will achieve the same great success as it did 60 years ago, nowadays children have laptops which gives them magic, internet friends which gives them attention and sometimes even parents show them, love. Hopefully, parents will learn a lesson from this movie and will be 'Mary Poppins' for their children, so the internet doesn't have to.


Script  3/5

Acting  2/5

Directing  3/5

Music  3/5

Excitement 2/5

Value for money 3/5

Who to go with? Go with your kids, but you also pay attention, because it can teach you more you would think.

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