About the beauty community, James Charles, Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star

We all know what happened recently on YouTube. And we all have opinions about it, some think that James Charles is bad, the others think Tati Westbrook is bad. I think the whole so-called ‘Beauty Community’ is rotten to the core. It’s not anymore about makeup, it’s about being the most entertaining person, the weirdest and wicked personality on YouTube. They don’t care about beauty, they care about money which they get for promoting huge makeup brands. I know it’s obvious for most of the people, but kids who are watching these channels are brainwashed to think that having a flawless complexion and stunning makeup should be their only aim in life. 10, 20 and 30 years ago there also was a makeup and most of the women were using it to enhance their natural beauty, now everything that is natural is boring. All MUAs are part of the grand scheme of tricking people into buying more and more makeup which we don’t need because honestly do you really need 10 different types of highlighters?

Now coming back to the case of James, Tati and Jeffree, as he also got involved at this point. YouTube community is like Hollywood nowadays, it’s full of lies, hidden agreements and covering other people sins. They are all guilty of this what is happening, they blew up as an ‘artists’, but they don’t really have any real-life skills, maybe except Jeffree, but all of MUAs are just good at talking and pretending they know absolutely everything about the world, while they don’t. They are also excellent at one more thing which is manipulation. Jeffree said that he didn’t have any contact with James, that he’s banned in his house and that he is a sexual predator. Well, Jeffree just removed the website ‘Sisters apparel’ from his Killer Merch, which was distributing James’s merch. He also tweeted him multiple times not that long as one month ago. Jeffree also started deleting his tweets in which he was stating that he is into ‘straight boys’. For me, there’s definitely something off. I think everybody knew what James was doing and everybody gave him a silent approval because they were doing the same. And now James, by being stupid, gave them the opportunity to be mocked on, they used it to destroy him.

The last part of the guilt is yours. We all subscribing to them, buying their merch, products and supporting their lies. They are clearly manipulating all of us, they know that whatever they say their subscribers will follow them to the end of the world and will unsubscribe on the command. This drama doesn’t have anything to do with vitamins or changing straight guys into gays. This is the show of power and punishing James for doing something he didn’t even realize was wrong.


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