How not to follow your dreams?

This post was initially inspired by the film ‘Wild Rose’ (starring Jessie Buckley and Julie Walters), and how Rose was dreaming about leaving Glasgow and living in the US as she felt American. She believed that the moment she will get to Nashville her whole life will just turn around without doing a thing. That’s what she did, she left her children, bought a ticket and flew over to the US. Obviously, she miserably failed, as there are millions of people like her who ‘have a dream’ but don’t have a plan. In the end, she realized that she can be her best self in Glasgow, she had her own band which was successful and most importantly her kids could be with her all the time.

I believe that nowadays we have 2 types of people who want to follow their dreams: one is who is working extremely hard more than they can handle (and usually those one don’t have any talent, just hard work) and there’s the second group which is talented but lazy/not confident about their capabilities. And I have a problem with both groups cause people who usually have both that is talent and are hard-working they often are one of the best in their field. I saw this meme somewhere ‘My mum told me I can become whoever I want, so I became a unicorn’. And that’s the main point you can’t become a unicorn if you’re a monkey. Why would you even consider becoming a unicorn if the monkey is much cooler than a horse with a horn. What I mean by this is just find something that you’re good at, and at the same time makes you happy and then put all your effort in it. It’s very unlikely that you’ll become a

basketball player if you’re 150 cm tall, but you could make a great jockey!

To illustrate my point I will give you an example of 2 movies, which I am sure all of you seen. The first of them is ‘Whiplash’ (starring Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons), Andrew wants to become a drummer, maybe because it’s all he knew, maybe because he wanted to be famous like his idols, we don’t know that. What we do know is that Andrew will do a lot to learn from the best teacher, we know that he will sacrifice his health and even a relationships to become a drummer. When he lost everything, he realized it was not worth it, all this struggle and humiliation. I believe that the ending of this movie was a mistake. They showed Andrew as a winner even though he lost a lot, which was not the case. Adjusting to requirements of a certain lifestyle/environment is not for everyone and if you don’t feel good in it just don’t do it. He could be just okay drummer in the other school, where teachers would respect him and don’t make kids to commit suicide. He could finish other school and still be a good drummer, he could be with this girl and be happy. Unfortunately, sometimes our pride won’t let us give up something which we worked really hard for, even when we realise we sink.

The Whiplash

The second movie is ‘Good Will Hunting’ (starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck), Will is opposite of Andrew, he’s a self-taught genius, he doesn’t need teachers, teachers need him. He can solve any mathematical equation which the greatest minds of the world were struggling with. But I’m not sure now why he worked as a janitor and hanged out with his not-that-smart friends, was it because he was lazy or was he too proud to get a diploma and study at the university with people who are more stupid than him. There’s was definitely more to it than just his genius but looking down on people was his problem. If he could just balance it out: the work, talent and relationships with people then he could be great person, but unfortunately, he couldn’t do it for a long time. In the end, he found his way, he started career he deserved, and he came back to a woman he loved.

Good Will Hunting

All 3 roles in those movies need to take a step back, look at their life from a different perspective and start changing it to be HAPPY!

Now you ask yourself how many times you wanted something so bad just because you didn’t want to be like everyone else, or you wanted to do something which you couldn’t really do, or you wanted something, but you weren’t ready to work hard for it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of everyone do this, we’re just human beings, just remember if you don’t feel happy in your life (which at some point you thought it would be your dream life), change something.


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