Unistada 2

My mother used to say that when you come to the new place, you need to survive the first 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and then 3 years. After that, you won't feel like a stranger anymore. Now I know she was right, after 3 years you feel much better, but during the first 3 months, you just want to cry and sleep. And that's what I did.

After I took all my luggage out of the taxi, I knocked on the white, plastic door to my new house. The Vietnamese girl opened it and I saw she wasn't happy. 'You were supposed to be here at 9, and it's 7 am', she almost screamed. I got so scared that I just said 'I'm sorry, I will just leave my luggage and will leave the house'. She didn't say anything after that. Just gave me keys to my room and that's it. After I entered the house, I got it why she was annoyed, she had her boyfriend over and didn't want me to see him. After a while of living in this house I found out that we couldn't have people staying over the night, and her boyfriend definitely stayed over. She didn't trust me then. Or never after that.

Anyway, I left my luggage as I promised and left the house, which now I think was just stupid because I was staying in my room regardless, she didn't see me. I guess I was just scared of everyone at this point in life. I exactly remember what I did right after I left the house, I went to the shop and bought sausage rolls and lemonade. Then I sat at the bus stop and cried silently and ate this rubbish food.

After coming back home I realized I'm alone. Not alone in the room, or alone in the house, but ALONE. All my friends, family and in general people I knew, were in a different country. My biggest worry was that I will suddenly die in the room and nobody will find me for a long time until they will smell the odour of a decomposing body. I know it's weird scare, but I never got to talk to my housemates, and sometimes I didn't even see them for couples of days, so this worry didn't arise from anything. And don't blame me! I tried, I really tried to talk to them, they just weren't interested. One was from Vietnam, the other from Lithuania and the last one from Latvia. I never knew which is which. But I must admit one thing - nobody ever could annoy me this quickly. They never cleaned (I could forgive them this one, I didn't clean either) but for goddess sake, when you make shit, at least flush it.

Because of my luck (or rather the opposite), my room was next to the bathroom, which may be a good thing when you want to have a shower in the morning. But that's the end of the list of benefits. Listening to the constant noise of somebody pushing the biggest poop and then hearing the splash of the water, after the fall of the monster to the toilet can be an awakening experience. Listening to their noises of having sex in the shower (where I took shower as well blah...). And finally using my soap. I don't know which one of them did it, but it's not possible to use 0,5 litre of shampoo in one week! After this, I decided they deserve a punishment. I took toothbrushes of all 3 of them and dunked it the toilet water. Now I wish I had taken a photo of that and sent it to them because most likely they didn't even notice my well-planned punishment.

And that's how my first 3 weeks passed.


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