Ain't no place like home

This will not be the review of 'Wild rose', but simple thoughts on problems showed in this movie. Film is truly inspiring and definitely worth watching, so this will be not the only post about this amazing movie. The film is about young Scottish girl who just got out of prison and wants to become a country singer. Despite having 2 kids, Jessie Buckley (Wild Rose), dreams to go to Nashville to start her career. When she finally gets there she realises it’s not for her.

The thing I want to talk about is some kind of ‘local identity’. Wild Rose was from Glasgow and she was sure that she’s the only person in the whole UK who knows anything about country music. And apparently, she felt ‘American’. In the end she understands that she should never forget where she came from and sings this song

The first comment under this video on YouTube was written by the proud glaswegian I guess:

For the first time in many years I cried watching a film
Only Glaswegians will understand the pull that your home town has
Glaswegians I love you all
Stand tall

The problem is that all people all over the world from countryside, from the big cities, from rich, from poor background always have some kind of ‘Glasgow’ inside them. The place where you were born and raised will always be sentimental for you, no matter what. Especially, if you left it at some point, then you feel strong belonging to the place, maybe people or things from the certain period of your life. But the problem starts when individuals start making new ideology around it. This starts to divide people, the first example could be Basques – ethnic group in Spain which wants to be separated country and be independent. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think those people are evil, I used to live in the part of the world which is in the same situation as Basques, and I still have hatred toward people from other regions. Which is not good, and I am ashame of it. The desire to separate from somebody or someone is never good, you put the new boundaries and it simply ‘separates’ make you different, eliminates things in common. And it is pure politics, but has a real impact on the normal people.

The next very important example must be the ceremony of Oscars 2019, when film ‘Roma’ received the Oscar for the best movie. I remember when the director was thanking all of his crew and he said he was so proud that Mexico finally GOT AN OSCAR. I understand that, I would be happy as well, but here again this cruel division! Especially, that the whole movie ‘Roma’ is about diving people on the high caste and low caste. We need to realise that we are all humans, doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, brown, rich, poor, from Europe, Asia, America or Africa. We are all in the same sh**, and if we would stuck together it would be much more bearable.


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