Wreck-it Ralph - Ralph Breaks the Internet




 Phil Johnston & Rich Moore




John C Reilly - Ralph

Sarah Silverman - Vanellope

Gal  Gadot - Shank


What's About

Six years after the events of "Wreck-It Ralph," Ralph and Vanellope, now friends, discover a wi-fi router in their arcade, leading them into a new adventure.






 I have watched the original and was mildly entertained so I wasn't aware that they were making a part two untill my wife told me. I didn't have any high expectations as I am not a massive Disney animation fan, however, I was mildly entertained. The start of the movie is promising but the middle is a let down. It was a bit too long for me so not sure how the kids will feel. The animation was spot on, voice over is good. The inclusion of gal gaddot injects new blood and helps the development of the story. There are some funny jokes and some may say that it's a movie which also advertises Disney's assets as well as other big internet giants. I do feel the story could have been developed further. I don't know how kids portray friendships as such but I did felt there were an element of possessiveness and creepiness in the characters. In conclusion it'l dosent surpass the original, could have been bit shorter with regards to the running time with a bit more story and character development. Otherwise it's an enjoyable film with good animation and voice overs

Script  3/5

animation 3/5

Directing  3/5

Music  3/5

Excitement 2/5

Value for money 2/5



There is something about all Disney movies which wakes up an inner child in me, in a good way. It makes me want to come back to this what I was doing while I was watching 1 part of some Disney movie. The same happened this time. When I was watching the first part of  Wreck-It Ralph I didn't understand the hidden meaning behind the happy faces on the screen. I must admit though, both parts had some good graphics, plots and take-home messages. I think that the second part was more modern for today's kids; all those logos of Facebook, Amazon or eBay may be more familiar to a younger audience than arcade games. Drawbacks of this movie are definitely the length, I felt bored so I can't imagine small kid to sit there still. I know that nowadays kids are much smarter, but still, for me, the amount of twists in this movie is just too much.


I found it very interesting how the director showed the friendship of Vanellope and Ralph. In the first part they become friends, and in the second their relationship evolves, changes. Vanellope is bored with her normal life, everyday routine of driving the same old car in the well-known to her sweet race. Ralph as a good friend wants to help her friend to escape the routine, and they land in the internet. Ralph was very attached to her and didn't want to share her with anyone, but this kind of behaviour will be toxic at some point. You need to learn to accept the change. Life changes and people do as well, we can't hold on to people and expect them to stay the same as they used to be 20 years ago. I believe that real friendship starts in the time of the challenge and change. when we can't accept that we should just let go.


Script  4/5

animation  5/5

Directing  4/5

Music  3/5

Excitement 4/5

Value for money 4/5

Who to go with?  It's a great movie for everyone, for kids especially, but if you're an adult who likes animations then go for it!

Share your opinion, did you like this movie or it was a completly waste of time? Leave a comment below!


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