Viola Davies - Suicide squad (2016), The help (2011)

 Liam Neeson - The commuter (2018), Taken (2012)

Michelle Rodriguez - The fate of the furious (2017), Avatar (2009) 



Steve McQueen - 12 years a slave (2013), Hunger (2008)


What's it about

Three women's husbands are killed while leaving them a big debt to settle. The women are forced to make a stand by carrying out a daring heist in face of huge challenges.







When you have such a star-studded line up of actors who are lead by the equally gifted director McQueen, you don't get just a movie but an amazing movie. I have enjoyed this film right from the beginning till the end, although some may think the start was a bit of slow burner. I think McQueen took his time in character development and it all builds up to the climax. For me, each actor played their role perfectly and it's a joy to see how these Hollywood heavyweights carry this film over. I guess McQueen didn't have to do much but regardless of that, it's a really enjoyable movie with big twists in it, which one may not see coming, McQueen hides the twists and turns perfectly like a heavyweight boxer throwing a dummy but then catch you with his powerful shot. Same way McQueen hits you with his vision and you are left at the end to applause and say wow what a good movie. McQueen has done it again and he is soon becoming one of my favourite directors. So in conclusion, if you want to be entertained then this is one movie which you should go and see.

Script  4/5

Acting  5/5

Directing  5/5

Fun  4/5

Excitement 4/5

Value for money 4/5



That was the first movie I watched, directed by Steve McQueen, and I wasn't disappointed. The film had a beginning, middle and the end - which is lacking in the significant number of movies nowadays. It had an appropriate length as well, however, some of the scenes were not adding anything to a story like the romance of a blonde girl with a rich guy. Actors were great overall, but I didn't see the point in hiring big actors in the peripheral roles, I think here about Robert Duvall and Collin Farell. Their characters were good, but sometimes Duvall was just too much. Viola Davis was the brightest star, whose talent thrown a shadow on the rest of the cast. I not only enjoyed her as an actress but also a character she played. She portrayed an incredibly strong woman who takes responsibility for her life and regains her independence after losing her husband. Female characters were well developed and foremost - strong. The thing I like the most about this movie is the image of the woman - strong, powerful, not giving up, and this is the reason why it's worth to watch that film.

Script  5/5

Acting  4/5

Directing  4/5

Fun  3/5

Excitement 4/5

Value for money 5/5

Who to go with? Friends, girlfriend/boyfriend. Great for the cold evenings.

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